Tirano - Valtellina



Valtellina is about 100km north of Milan in the Italian Alps bordering Switzerland, with a length of over 100 km . It can be reached from the south via Lake Como, while from the north there are several Alpine passes, most of which are open year-round.

The Valtellina region is entirely Alpine, offering a variety of mountain sports and activities. The territory ranges in altitude from 200 metres at Pian di Spagna (just north of Lake Como) to the 4000-metre peak of Pizzo Bernina. Valtellina’s east-west orientation, unusual for Alpine valleys, offers a range of beautiful natural environments, from the rich valley bottoms, through the middle slopes, to the high mountain peaks. There is a large variety of wildlife, agriculture, architecture, traditions, customs and dialects.



To get to know Valtellina, we must travel into the past.


In the Valleys villages and hamlets extraordinary palaces and churches can be found. This originates from the artistic sensitivity of the different cultures dominating these border lands over the centuries. Tirano has been, since ancient times, one of the most important economic and cultural centers of Valtellina.

This ancient town still retains three gates that were part of the ancient walls built in 1497 by Ludovico il Moro, to defend it from the attacks of the Grisons, which subsequently ruled Tirano and the entire Valtellina from 1512.


For the many visitors who reach every year the famous tourist resorts of the valley, such as Bormio, Livigno or S. Caterina Valfurva, Tirano has always been considered a traditional stop.
Tirano can be easily reached from Milan, and is connected to St. Moritz and the Engadine by the suggestive red train of the Glacer Express crossing the Bernina Pass.


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